Humanage console…

Exclusive management mechanism that matters…


  • One tool, one console humanage for every employee

  • Secure and easy cloud based access

  • Rapid deployment and integration into your organization

  • Requires only 2 minute effort per employee per week

  • Immediate return on investment for stakeholders, management and employees.



Advantages for stakeholders and decision makers...


At the beginning of every week:

  • An executive employee-resource view for planned and prospective activities for the week correlated with the main organization activities.

  • Detailed information of the employability state against organizations weekly objectives.

Advantages for organization managers ...


At the beginning of every week:

  • Easily accessible and integrated management tool for projection and administrative activities.

  • Reduces significantly information gathering and supervision tasks in order to concentrate on the prospective information and employees.


Advantages for employees ...


  • Easily accessible, user-friendly and enjoyable tool encouraging employees to share ideas and inspirations throughout their weekly planning activities. Employee-unit console placement events support employees’ sense of comprehension of main business goals and activities, as well their integration and carrier plan into organization environment and objectives.



Advantages for console administrators ...


  • 24/7 access to technical information related to console management and employees behavior.

  • Console access and event logs, application and database management information.